Experience and Achievements


Excellence in Construction

Project Receives National Recognition

 The “Peak Performance Award for  Excellence in Construction, ” by Western Colorado Associated Builders & Contractors (WCOABC) for the Eagle Mine Site  Reclamation in 1997 was awarded to us. We then went on to compete at a  national level, where there were more than 400 entries in 76 different  divisions. In the December of 1997, Reams Construction Co. had won the “Merit Award for National Excellence in  Construction” in ABC’s competition in the Public Works/Environmental  category. 

According to ABC’s National Excellence in Construction Awards  website, the program is “the premiere competition within the  construction industry that recognizes outstanding construction projects  across the nation.” The Eagle Mine Site Reclamation was picked as the  best among other outstanding project submissions: “The  project…exemplified the very best in merit shop construction in America  today,” proclaimed Robert P. Hepner, Vice President of ABC at the time  of the award.

The following year, Reams Construction Co. received the Merit Award  for Excellence in Construction” for the Aspen Water Treatment Plant  Project at a local level and nationally received an honorable mention.


Reams Construction Co. has also received numerous first and second place  “Excellence in Safety” awards as a member of ABC. The competition  recognizes those companies who are actively working to create and  maintain a safe work environment by making safety a way of doing  business. “Excellence in Safety” is determined by a variety of  parameters including but not limited to:

  • a written safety policy
  • regular meetings, seminars, and training
  • an industry standard formula for determining the incident rate

Your satisfaction is ensured through our commitment to excellence

The  challenges of various projects provide a unique opportunity to address a variety of unusual situations  that require innovative solutions. Here are a few examples of  creatively-addressed projects that we are particularly proud of:

  • The City of Aspen needed a new administration  facility for their waterworks but no space to build one. Our solution  was to construct the building over an existing, working sedimentation  basin (clarifier).
  • Old Elam Ranch, a residential development in the  San Juan Mountains near Telluride, wanted us to construct  environmentally friendly waterworks and infrastructure. We buried the  water tanks and set up a solar collection system that generates the  electricity required for their waterworks.
  • Rocky Mountain Natural Gas Co. had 30 days to  connect six natural gas wells to a high-pressure main line to fulfill a  contract with the well owners. Reams Construction Co. was able to  complete the gathering system that consisted of more than 68,000 linear  feet of 6”, 4” and 2” high-density polyethylene pipeline in order for  the project to be completed on time.
  • The Eagle Mine Site in Minturn, Colorado is an  abandoned heavy metal mine that is unique due to the extreme toxicity of the  entire site. The groundwater was so saturated with heavy minerals from  the abandoned mine works that the Eagle River literally ran orange and  was virtually sterile. We designed a water treatment facility that mixes soda ash and lime to treat the heavy metals before the water re-enters  the Eagle River. As part of the project, Reams Construction Co.  successfully participated in the remediation of a contaminated wetland  near an adjoining school. We also capped a consolidated tailings pile  using a Bentonite liner and covering that with 2 feet of erosion control  material and topsoil. Because of our work at this site, the stream is now fully functioning and sustaining fish habitat.